Step Cigarette Machines

Step Cigarette Machines

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This cutting edge design has a elegant and attractive glass and stainless steel front. This machine has also the best anti-fraud technology on the market, optional reader for notes, cards etc. Manufactured using plastic materials, characterized by a low percentage of contaminating substances. Please Click on our Brochure below to view our wide range of models available

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Wide Range of Models

Capacity Step 41 Step 61 Step 61 Step 74 Step 74 Step 87
  Double Double Triple Double Triple Double
Selections/Channels 21/15 32/21 32/23 40/29 40/31 48/39
Channels(full, medium, short) 1/14/0 3/18/0 13/10/0 3/26/0 17/14/0 21/18/0
Pack Capacity 292 444 700 588 93 1164
Coin Mechanism Coin Mechanism MDB Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers












Accessories/Kits for all models

  • Banknote Reader
  • Digital Prices
  • Voice Synthesiser
  • Cashbox with Key
  • Label holder with key
  • GPRS modem
  • Infrared (IRDA)


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