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We are a non-operational company who provides full technical and spare parts.

Welcome to VENTRADER

Versatile, Reliable Vending

Our machines at Ventrader are the most reliable and versatile, and not to mention cost-effective vending equipment you will find. We are a wholly Australian owned and operated supplier and manager of snack machines, drink machines and frozen vending machines made by the industry's best manufacturers.

Merchandise Dispensing Solutions for All Situations

Ventrader can meet all your merchandise dispensing requirements. We supply:

  • Reliable snack machines and vending equipment for cost effective merchandise dispensing to suit any office space, workshop floor or public area.
  • Satellite-controlled combo machines able to stock and dispense frozen goods and non-perishable items in one versatile unit.
  • Drink machines with intelligent sensors to prevent hassles and ensure users get what they pay for every single time.
  • Refurbished vending equipment. Fully checked, repaired and reassembled merchandising units that can be installed anywhere and quickly start returning profits.

All our new vending equipment is backed up with a two year limited warranty and fantastic technical support. We also offer a range of second hand site ready machines for your convenience.

Get more information about all our range of dispensing systems by calling 1300 660 519 or by enquiring online.

The Latest and Best Technology in the Business

We supply dispensing units from manufacturers who stake their reputations on the quality of their vending equipment, like:

  • U-Select-It (USI).
  • Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS).
  • GPE.

Ventrader also maintains a commitment to providing the industry's best technical and maintenance support. We strive to ensure our units operate reliably, and whether you need refrigeration repair in a frozen vending unit or payment expansion options for a drinks dispenser, we can help you any time.

Payment Expansion Options to Create Cost Efficient and Consumer Friendly Systems

We offer almost endless options with our range of merchandising systems. You can choose a system tailored to suit your particular situation and budget, with plenty of extra features like:

  • The most advanced technologies for currency and credit card reading. Your patrons will avoid the frustration of not having their notes and coins accepted, or having no option to pay by other means. This translates to more successful purchases and therefore more revenue.
  • Satellite controllers to create a combo machine. Store cold drinks and non-perishable items in the one unit. Save on floor space, electricity costs and maintenance by having a frozen vending machine and another dispenser all in a single place.
  • High precision sensors that make lost coins and missed purchases a thing of the past. Many of our units come installed with accurate sensing technology to make sure payments are correctly recorded, and items are properly dispensed and collected.
Service Oriented and Customer Focused

Ventrader can start assisting you right now with food and drink supply for your workplace, or to get up and running with an extra source of revenue. We provide our customers with the best service and maintenance in the business.

If you need merchandising equipment for your work place, or would like to start gaining extra income with no fuss, get in touch with us today by calling
1300 660 519 or by enquiring online.

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